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How to host an Iftar party for Ramadan


Hosting an Iftar party can seem like a task but if properly planned it can be an occasion to remember and cherish.It need not always be done on a grand scale sometimes a quick soirée with some baked goods and savories thrown in along with a pot of hot steaming tea and some cool juices and dates will suffice.However if you have some time at hand then you can plan it with ease and don't fret about arranging one at home successfully,I have got the basics covered for you.Lets get to the basics for a stylish soirée the Arabian style

1. Printing invitations is so much easy with options available online for free.Plan your guest list and print out some cool invitations with geometrical patterns and Arabic calligraphy.

2. In the Middle East it's a norm that well to do people just give their entire homes a new look with fresh painting, furniture, festive furnishings, silverware and latest electronic gadgets.However, you don't have to overspend if it is beyond your means simple things like changing the cushion covers and add ing bright accents through some festive rugs and throws can create a whole new look to your home.

3. Candles candles and more candles it adds an elegant nuance to your home and no Ramadan is complete without lighting up candles on ornate candle stands, tea light pieces, mosaic and filigree lamps every single night of Ramadan if you are still not into it then begin looking for bright oriental pieces to add that warmth and a play of shadows and light to your rooms to create the festive mood.

4. An open metal bowl filled ith water and scattered with rose petals adds drama and it is so popular in the middl east to jazz up the mood of an Iftar party. 

5. Rooms perfumes are another way of reviving the senses so go for aroma therapy, floral or woody scents if you prefer you can use frankincense,Bakhour and Myrhh which are natural and give a refreshing smell to your entire home. So get the incense burning for that oriental feel and  enjoy the Arabian traditions this Ramadan.
6. Play Quranic recitations or soft relaxing music to create that ambience.

7.Now it is time for some great table linen, and serve ware like a cake plate with a dome and three tier dessert stand in glass or metal to arrange your dates,cookies and savory assortment of nuts. Some beautiful ramekins, or appetizer sets can be used to serve appetizers.also you will need some beautiful glasses to arrange sherbets and beverages for guests.Now you are ready to serve your treats from bite  sized delectables to yummy puddings do it with panache.

8. Rustle up some salads, cold and hot appetizers,a main course along with some dessert and you have a full blown dinner party for people to rave about.

9,Arrange a room with a pile of clean prayer rugs for people to pray.

10. Begin with some dates, fresh juices and tea/ coffee to  break the fast prior to the prayers so it is light and then proceed to serve the heavy items on the menu after the prayers.

11. Have a small charity sale after dinner as you serve tea or coffee or even a cookie sale so you could use the donations for some worthy charity you like to support.

Three types of Ramadan parties are held - take your pick.The first one is an iftaar party where in guests come in for an iftaar and dinner.The next one is suhoor party and is hosted usually in the last ten days of Ramadan when close friends extended families and relatives visit after dinner for night prayers  that go upto early morning followed by a suhoor meal together and then everyone disperse home after the dawn prayers.The last one is held on the night prior to Eid it is followed by dinner and henna party. This is for the ladies and the hostess arranges for a henna designer for all to have their hands and feet decorated with henna sometimes bangles and jewellery are also put up on display for the women to choose.

So now you have some ideas to reconnect with family and friends with some lovely conversations over long cherished dinners.So Ramadan does not have to be about only Muslim friends and relatives invite your non Muslim friends too so that you share your traditions and culture and promote a sense of harmony.In Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East Iftar parties are hosted for all people to foster a spirit of unity and harmony.I would like to end this piece with a beautiful thought I read somewhere that when we draw boundaries we are limiting and fencing ourselves in so either you could waste your life by restricting  yourself with lines and boundaries or lead a meaningful life by crossing those fences and boundaries.Peace and love to all !

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