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Hyderabadi Haleem (Eid- Ul -Adha dishes)

Now that a lot of festivals are lined up wishing all the readers Happy DUSSEHRA  and Eid -ul -Adha/Bakrid  in advance.Well coming back to our blog now that during the Eid season there is plenty of lamb around at home .You can make a variety of dishes like Haleem and during the next few posts we will explore all the traditional recipes that can be made with the lamb.Of course for those people who eat veal or chicken too these recipes can be modified with the available choice of meat.

As everybody is aware that Haleem is purely middle -eastern and predominantly Iranian in origin and has come to India along those routes through History.You will get more info on wikipedia. Haleem is usually made in Ramadan but with  cooler days (autumn) setting in and plenty of meat available during Bakrid there is no reason not to try it out.I do see  a lot of Haleem recipes online but rarely do I find an authentic one as made in Hyderabad.

I am disappointed when I see some recipes passed of  as haleem, as  experts and purists from Hyderabadi Cuisine would call it a huge mistake to include or omit ingredients as from the days of yore when haleem was made in huge cauldrons working through the night and day to have it ready.For beginners who do have tasted haleem but have no idea how to make it, let me give you some insight into the dish.There are two alterations one is khichda and the other haleem.

The difference between the Khichda and Haleem is that the Khichda has an assortment of Lentils added to the meat whereas Haleem purely sticks to wheat and  a little barley / urad dal may be added to improve the sticky consistency.Even the khichda has chana dal,urad dal and of course  masoor dal is added in the Pakistani version of haleem but never tur dal /moongdal and experts of Hyderabadi cuisine will never forgive  this culinary blasphemy of sorts.However Haleem is superior in taste to Khichda.

So here I have tried to be as authentic as possible with the Hyderabadi Haleem recipe. Khichda recipe will follow soon.

Recipe for Haleem
500 gms whole wheat grains
1 Tbs barley &2 Tb urad dal
1.5kg mutton bone-in /chicken bone- in
500 gms fresh yoghurt
10 almonds
10 cashew nuts
10 cardamom(elaichi)
8 cinammon sticks about half inch each
10 cloves
6-7 kabab chini (cubeb/java pepper)
5 meduim sized onions
3-4 tbs ginger garlic paste
2 tbs Red chilli powder(adjust according to taste for milder flavor)
1.5 tsp Turmeric(haldi) powder
1 tsp Garam masala powder
2 bunches each of coriander& mint
5 green chillies(U.K)/chilies(US)
lemon 5
Ghee 2 tbs
oil 5-7 tbs
2 tbs fresh  ginger root julienne
salt to suit your  taste

  • Soak wheat,barley and urad dal together for 5-6 hrs in water.
  •  Make a paste of cashews and almonds and keep aside.
  • Deep fry onions until caramelized(birishta) and keep aside.Mean while take a saucepan or pressure cooker and boil water enough to submerge the wheat and add 5 cardamom,cloves and cinammon sticks each and now to the boiling water add the wheat,barley and urad dal and let it cook till tender and cool.While using a pressure cooker adjust water to the quantity of the wheat and cook with a little oil on a medium flame to avoid burning at the base.3-4 whistles should be enough for the wheat to cook.
  • Trim fat and wash mutton pieces with some select bones discard fatty bones or fragmented bones drain thoroughly add turmeric powder,red chilli powder, salt, yogurt  ginger garlic paste juice of 3 lemons and  marinate for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the cooked wheat from the pressure cooker and using a hand blender lightly make it smooth  but remember not to make it into a smooth paste/puree.
  • Take a pressure cooker of considerable size add oil/ghee followed by 3 each of cinnamon cardamom,cloves and all of the cubeb and 1 sliced and browned onion.Now add the mutton along with marinade and some water to pressure cook till meat is rendered tender.If the oil floats on top of the meat when you open the cooker consider it well done.As the lamb loosens off the bone discard the bones at this point.
  • Now mix the meat along with the wheat paste, nut paste, the Garam masala, half of the mint and coriander leaves and juice of 1 lemon.Put it back on a medium flame and using a wooden masher keep stirring the paste to avoid burning at the base and render a smoother consistency.Keep on stirring from time to time use the help of some strong masculine hands at this point rope in your husband to do it.This should take about 15 minutes.Oil should begin floating on top and now you can turn off the stove.This oils is removed and kept in a separate cup and served along with the garnish.You can also add roasted whole cashews now if you prefer.
  • For the Garnish
Take a plate and place the browned onions,ginger julienne,chopped green chillies,the remaining lemons quartered,finely chopped coriander and mint.Just before serving garnish each plate of Haleem with the sliced onions,lemon wedges,chillies,mint coriander and a little of the oil that has been reserved in a cup and enjoy your Hyderabadi Haleem.


  1. good to see u back. priya

  2. Wow its simple. I tried it at home, it was delicious. I tried preparing with chicken. following your procedure, it came amazing. Thanks for this great Haleem Recipe.

  3. Thank you Rambabu Uppada my goal is to bring you authentic and original recipes of popular traditional foods

  4. Unless I read it wrong, when do we add the cashew and almond pastes?

    1. oops I am sorry the nut paste is added after the wheat paste will update this info and thanks for bringing this to my notice.


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