Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan Kareem

Wishing All  RAMADAN KAREEM 2012.

First my apologies to have kept you waiting for my blog posts but change in jobs, a lot of travel around the world and finally settling down in another country had my focus shifted.However, I always had foodgoddessonline on top of my mind.Between the last post and now, I have visited Singapore, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain and have been lucky to learn so much about local dishes probably some of them may find their way in  my blog posts.So,this time I will  greatly miss the beauty of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.But, life is like that it always springs surprises especially when you are least expecting one.

Ramadan Trivia: When Islam reached the shores of Egypt the people welcomed it with lighted lamps and they are known as fanoos and since then they are an integral part of Ramadan- all decorations with lights have the fanoos along with crescents, stars, palm trees, boats and the kettles or dallahs.Why not try incorporating the fanoos in your ramadan celebrations.For the whole month of ramadan have your gardens or front doors or even the drawing room decorated with a lit fanoos.You will find them in any middle eastern store or try getting one from Ikea they usually have them or better still don't forget to purchase one when on your trip to the Middle East.Light up the fanoos everyday in the evenings (they usually have a small tealight candles inside when you buy the non - electric version) and keep it burning every evening for all the 30 days reaching up to the Eid.

In my next post I will be doing a few recipes for Ramadan Iftaar and Suhoor meals. Eat healthy!

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