Thursday, September 2, 2010

Traditional Arabian Drinks at Iftaar

Last year I had focussed on different varities of dates that are popular in Ramadan.This time I would like to showcase traditional Arabian drinks that are hydrating and nourishing during Iftaar time.I am posting this from India where I am vacationing for a month.It is a great time to be here with a string of festivals like Eid and Vinayaka chathurthi lined up along with the monsoons.Have fun.

Sobia: It is a traditional drink made during ramadan which although still popular is a dying tradition as very few people have stuck to making this drink to be sold in great quantities.It is made with grains flour cardamom and dry bread.Some variations are also sold like the red sobia made with a raspberry flavouring.The raisin sobia is made with raisins in addtion to the above ingredients along with spices like cardamom and cinammon.concerns for health and hygiene have authorities restricitng the sale of this
 homemade drink at iftar.

Jallab: it is made with grape molasses and a hint of bakhour/incense.The other drink is a rose water syrup made by adding rosewater to a syrup made of sugar.It  is in the form of a concentrate that is served by topping with ice and 2/3 water to 1/3 syrup.

Karkadiyeh:This is a hibiscus tea made with an infusion of dried hibiscus flowers and boiling water and sweetened

Kamardeen/Apricot nectar:
Ingredients:2-3 apricot /kamardeen or  apricot jelly sheets
                  5 cups of water
                10 tbs sugar
Method: Cut kamardeen into pieces and soak in water for 6-8 hrs or overnight.Add five cups of water and blend along with sugar into a fine sauce.Strain the juice and refrigerate for a few hrs and serve with crushed ice.

Tamar-al- Hind (Tamarind Syrup):
1/2 cup tamarind pieces
2 cups water
sugar as required
few drops of rose water
Soak tamarind in 2 cups of water for 5-6 hrs.Strain and sieve the liquid.Sweeten with sugar and add a few drops of rose water.Serve very cold.

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