Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan Kareem- Easy Iftaar options to carry to work

Its time for Ramadan preparations again and this time it is a little tough for people in the gulf with the temperatures soaring between 45-49c and the fasting time longer with 14 to 15 hrs of duration,while most people both local and expats have opted to exit the place for cooler climes yet for those back here it will be easy with proper planning and preparation.I will be writing about some rare ramadan specialities in the next post.Also,one should not chuck their healthy eating plans aside and feel disappointed with weight issues after ramadan is over.

I am trying to answer a query (by an office going lady)  I recieved, regarding iftaar items(vegetarian) that can be carried to office without worrying about these turning bad or unpalatable at iftaar time.

Here are some ideas you can use.Most offices have a kitchen well equipped, or with a fridge and microwave atleast.So storing, low fat yoghurts, milk and reheating of soups and sandwiches should not be a problem and  tupperware boxes that are spill proof like lockn lock can be very handy too

Dates,unsweetened juices,and a healthy mix of fresh seasonal fruits are great to carry with you to office in the morning for breaking your fast later in the evening.Also unsalted nuts like a mix of almonds, walnuts, pistachios and raisins thrown along with a handful of breakfast cereal is also great to munch upon until you get home.Healthy vegetable sandwiches can be a great option too if you wish you can carry some spreads,cheese etc separately that can be refrigerated and used later.Peanut butter, honey stay good at room temperature and they are hassle free too,provided you aren't allergic.Boiled chickpeas, sprouts lightly tossed in oil with some spices and salt is another good option.Rice cakes, are great with some cheese spread and also low fat high fibre biscuits.All these should hold you up in good stead till you get home to eat dinner without the guilt of gorging on unhealthy foods.

Eat Sensible: Choose healthy eating options after the ramadan canon sounds off.Begin with dates to help replenish glucose levels followed by water/unsweetened juice/skimmed laban/buttermilk.Stick to complex carbs and proteins with plenty of fruits and veggies at suhoor to get you through the day.
Be hydrated: drink plenty of water/fluids at iftaar, before you go to bed and during suhoor.
Exercise: Make sure you don't toss your fitness plans out of the window for the whole month.Moderate exercise before suhoor or an hour or two after a light iftaar will keep you going strong.Keep a bottle of water around.

Happy fasting.


  1. AsSalaamAlaiKum,
    Ramadan Mubarak!
    I just wanted to remind you to send me your entries to the Ramadan event that I am hosting on my blog.
    I will be pleased to go through your entries and include them in the roundup.
    Allahafiz and take care. Remember me in your dua's

  2. thank you mona and same to you.I will surely participate.have a great time.salams.


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