Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring- 360 Celebrating Food and Fashion

Grid View of beet dazzle,Mediterranean salad ,Frangipani fabric hair clip and gold&silver bangles.The picture and recipe of Beet Dazzle is courtesy of my blog reader Sireesha who is pursueing her Master's degree in biotechnology.

Spring is around the corner and new life begins to slowly  awaken and unfurl from the deep slumber of winter.Most of us like the season of spring as color begins to fill and surround our senses.So get ready to soak up the delights that this season has brought for you.

Spring Clean: be sure to start on the right note and spring clean your mind ,body and soul.The best way to do this is to pamper yourself with a good spa treatment, whichever one you choose make sure it is one experience you enjoy and come back rejuvenated and refreshed.Isn't it time to de clutter your home? ..empty all those drawers, closets and shelves of things you no longer need...a good rule of thumb is to do away with all the stuff you haven't used in the past six months to one year.Bring a sparkle to your home by making small refreshing changes to your interiors and furniture even things like rearranging them can give a new perspective:

Fashion: This season romance rules and is defined by clothes that are made of light and sheer fabrics, floral prints, drapes and ruffles, soft colors and monochrome shades of white and black.Denims in faded blue are also the rage.

Accessories:If you love bags then the usual tones of white black and brown have got an extra edge with colorful embroidery and  multicolor beads.Soft candy and forest colors are in too.Gold and silver has been the highlight from chunky bangles and cuffs,to bags and clutches and even strappy high heeled shoes.Flip Flops and sandals in bright colors are in and flowers cut out in fabric, seem to be the highlight of  hairclips shoes and other accessories.Hair is either wavy or braided this season loosely pinned with hairclips in multicolored fabric flowers..think forest nymph or the beach babe look... need further elaboration the hawain hula dancers wavy hair pinned with flowers. Nothing is complete without make up ... soft tones of blue,pinks browns and greens are trendy and don't forget turquoise/coral shades too.Flawless looking skin and barely there make- up are the key words.Jewellery is defined by beads, multicoloredstones and if you are an ardent lover of high-end jewellery them pearls and multicolored stones are the most happening... look for inspiration and help from Cartier, Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpells.
Food :
 Since this blog is basically about food , how can it be far behind...colorful fruits and vegetables that spring and summer have to offer should be big on the plates and your menus.Eating plenty of fruits and vegetable salads and of course fresh juices should help you detox- flush away the toxins from your system.Years ago I was influenced by the philosophy of detox and Living health ( Fit For Life 2 byHarvey and Marilyn Diamond).They advocate a living food day per week that is to eat only fresh fruit and vegetables which are living foods meaning in their natural state- uncooked.Celery, lettuce, cucumber,tomatoes which are rich in water content( highly fibrous vegetables are not advised) and of course fruits too.No cooked food is allowed on this day and if you must then only partake of a light clear vegetable soup in the evening for dinner.You can begin with one day and go upto three and then fifteen days of living foods as you progress.This gives rest to the digestive system from the effects of heavy processed and oil laden foods which form the usual diet of most people.It is also thought to help you lose weight.

NB:However, before you embark upon a detox journey consult your GP especially people with specific medical conditions must not undertake any diet without consulting a doctor.This detox therapy is merely a guideline for you and expert advise should be taken before making any changes to your diet.

Keeping in sync with this philosophy of light eating I am posting a vegetable salad and  a nourishing drink which you might enjoy.The  drink however is not intended for your living health programme but as a light and nourishing summer drink.

Mediterranean salad:
Ingredients: 2 tbs spiral pasta
                   2tbs spanish black olives
                   5 -6 leaves lolo ross lettuce soaked in ice cold water to crispen and  torn to shreds
                  1 seedless tangerine peeled and segmented
                   1 cucumber chopped
                 A  few cherry tomatoes
Dressing:1 tsp honey,1 tsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp crushed pepper,some sea salt,1 tbs orange juice
Toss all ingredients along with cooked spiral pasta.Mix the dressing in a bowl and  drizzle over the salad just before serving.
 Beet Dazzle:
 1  Beetroot
 3 carrot
 1/4 cup sugar pellets/misri/
Wash the beetroot and carrot blend well and sieve through muslin cloth to obtain a clear liquid.Mix this liquid with the sugar pellets and heat till it thickens to a slightly syrupy texture.Cool and store in refrigerator.To serve use 1/4 th glass of the syrup,top it with cold water add  honey to sweeten and a few drops of lemon juice, stir well. This is best taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

The spring trends are my personal interpretations after looking at spring arrivals in number of  fashion and accessory stores

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yoghurt coated Chicken

Yogurt Coated chicken


500 gms chicken breast fillet diced into 1 inch pieces

5 tbs yogurts

2 tbs lemon juice

salt as required
2 tbs rice powder

oil-2 tbs for the marinade,
3 tbs for cooking the chicken

spice powder ingredients:
1 tbs paprika
1.5 tbs coriander seeds
12 black peppercorns
5 garlic cloves
2 tbs ginger chopped
1/2 tsp dried thyme

Blend the spices.Marinate chicken with the yogurt lemon juice and the rest of the ingredients for 4-6 hrs.Heat oil add the chicken along with marinade and cook till chicken is tender,oil separates and the yogurt marinade sticks to the chicken.This goes well with any Indian flat breads.

Celebrating Women's Day is a norm in India especially during our College and University life.Like everywhere else we celebrated it with wearing a saree, a pink rose and a speech.Now, it is more than just celebrating your femininity and rights.It is now, about being an individual and putting that as a priority.We always put the mother, the wife in us first, often ignoring the individual.Nevertheless, you as an individual are equally important to complete the strong foundation and achieve a balance.Some of my personal thoughts on that...

Health:Get a regular check up done and keep a tab on your thyroid,blood pressure,sugar levels heamoglobin and most important, vitamin levels like vit D and ofcourse your calcium levels.If you get up in the morning and feel unwell, stressed out unhappy and fatigued and do not sleep well,experience headaches muscular or joint aches then you're body is trying to tell you something ...get a check up immediately.Most,often we are worried for cancers...of course big things matter but so do little things like the above and they should be paid attention to as well.

Exercise: quit that procrastination and be regular with exercise- twenty minutes of aerobics and 30 minutes of flexibility exercises will do wonders to the body and soul.Yoga and breathing helps one keep wonderfully calm and radiating with energy.I can vouch for that one.
Good diet:Balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and possibly one vitamin and mineral supplement will help you too.

Self defence:Learning one form of martial arts is what I believe is of utmost importance for every woman.When I began working I never felt completely safe walking out alone and that's when I began investing some time and effort in Karate. Now, I am confident that I can tackle a person and defend my self in a situation when required.Go for it, learn something whatever it is karate, jujitsu,taekwando... anything even boxing.

Upgrade your skills:constantly taking up some course or learning a skill keeps you abreast of things in life.

Therapeutic value:whatever gives you a high and alleviates your stress should be often indulged in whether it is shopping,a fun filled holiday,eating out,reading, playing with your kids or a heartfelt chat with a loved one or spouse.

Prayer, Meditation and Introspection: these are equally important to keep you connected with your soul and feel enriched from within as well as your external self.

Happy Women's Day!