Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sumptous South Indian Breakfast- Idly

Today I am featuring a guest blogger Priya Mathews who has sent me this recipe of Idly which is a steamed rice and black lentil cake made for breakfast in Southern India and is eaten with coconut chutney and sambar( a lentil and vegetable stew).When Priya is not experimenting in the kitchen she works in the travel and tourism industry and has worked for Gulf Air and Air Mauritius.She currently resides in Chennai with her husband and two kids.Visitors wishing to guest blog are welcome, please mail me your recipe and pictures and I will post them with your details.

2 cups rice
3/4 th cup urad dal (black gram)
1 tbsp tur dal(yellow/pigeon lentils)
3/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
2 tbsp rice flakes(helps in softening idly)
salt as required
water enough to grind to a cake batter like consistency
Preparation:Clean and soak the dals, rice along with fenugreek seeds and rice flakes separately for 6-8 hrs.Grind the dal to a smooth paste and then grind rice along with the rice flakes into a smooth paste.Now mix both the dal and rice batters together along with salt and leave it to ferment for 10-12 hrs in a warm place.Pour into Idly steamer and steam till done which is about 7 minutes and a toothpick inserted comes out clean.The picture also by her features the mini version of the regular idly which is about the size of a medium donut.Serve hot with coconut or peanut chutney and sambar.Kids love the mini versions


  1. thanks sheerin for a great take off on me. i feel good my humble work is on your site and am feeling proud.

  2. You are welcome Priya and I know you make the best idly's in the world so it did need sharing with ohters who love idly.


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