Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pepper Kofta in Tomato Sauce

Now and again I have had messages from visitors to showcase vegetarian recipes and here is one fabulous dish that can be a show stopper at any party or meal.Bell peppers get a wonderful makeover, of course retaining their nutritional goodness of vitamin c.Try picking the organic ones as I've found them to be more flavourful (U.K ), and the tiny little ones are even better for making the koftas.

8 Tiny bell peppers
3 boiled potatoes
1 tbs raisins
2 tbs cashew nuts
3 tomatoes pureed
2 tbs chickpea flour /corn flour
cottage cheese/paneer(optional)
1 tsp dry mango powder/amchur/lemon juice
2 tbs yoghurt
1 large onion finely sliced
1 tbs chopped spring onions/green coriander
salt as required

1 tsp ginger- garlic paste
2 cloves
1/3 inch cinnamon
oil for shallow frying
1/3 tsp fennel seeds/saunf & cumin seeds
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chilli powder/paprika

Cut the peppers into halves deseed them and remove the white papery layer inside.In a pan heat oil add the fennel seeds,cumin seeds, when they begin releasing their aroma add the mashed potatoes,turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt,raisins ,1tbs of the cashew nuts coarsely broken,and paneer keep stirring till the whole mixture is evenly coated with the ingredients.Let it cool, fill the peppers with this stuffing and then dip in the chickpea or corn flour mixed into a thick batter with a little salt and water and shallow fry in a little oil, in batches and keep aside.In a wok heat a liitle oil add the onion slices,and saute till they turn reddish brown now add the cloves, cinnamon, ginger-garlic paste and salt, then add the tomato puree and the remaining 1 tbs cashew nuts blended with a little water.Let it cook till the sauce thickens now add 2 tbs of yoghurt and let it simmer till the oil appears on the edges.Add the pepper koftas and garnish with chopped spring onions/green coriander.

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