Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mango Sorbet

It's summer and mangoes are in abundance.The Badami variety is one you must absolutely not miss.In India eating mangoes everyday in summer is almost a ritual and then you have the unripe ones being cooked with dal(lentils) and yes even lamb.Coming back to desserts, mango sorbet is undoubtedly heavenly and if you are craving ice cream I can assure you a sorbet is a good low calorie option.This sorbet can also be made with melons,peaches and pineapple.Mango sorbet is great after a good spicy meal.On a lighter note, if this one puts you to sleep after a heavy meal you can be assured of a midsummernight's dream(pun unintended).


500 gms mango pulp

1/2 tsp lime juice

1/2 orange zest

2 egg whites whisked until peaks form

1/3 cup powdered sugar(adjust according to sweetness of the fruit)

Mint leaves for garnish

Chill a glass bowl and add the mango pulp,lemon juice and orange zest,mix well.Add the egg whites and sugar.Cover with a clear film and freeze for an hour.Remove from freezer and beat once again well to mix the contents.Refreeze until fully set.While serving remove the sorbet a good five minutes earlier and whisk to remove any crystals until you get a smooth texture.You can serve this with mint garnish and honey or double cream as topping.


  1. seems delicious to try

  2. Thank you please try and I promise you wont be short of hugs kisses and praises.


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