Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hurrah for April, no I'm not talking about April fools day.I am simply welcoming April.The summer is round the corner in India and boy, I miss India especially since its still windy and chilly in my part of the world.What do I remember ...crisp cotton sarees, beads of sweat on the brows,the koel(cuckoo)lilting into sweet melodies atop the mango trees as if singing a lullaby for the fruit to ripen and grow sweeter, the crows clamouring for attention, screeching parrots.The heat and the sugarcane juice,lassi,buttermilk,the beach in my city and of course the heady scent of jasmine strung on threads.Powercuts and chitchats on terraces and not to forget the election sensibly fellow citizens.I miss you my darling India and above all my city..Vizag .I hope to blog some lovely recipes featuring mangoes, summer drinks and not to mention some sweet indulgences.Bon appetit! and keep visiting my blog, also, send me your emails and keep up your comments.

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