Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Minute Macaroni

Cooking, like wine that tastes better as it matures ,and antiques that develop a patina of gloss as time pass by develops with passage of time and then my goddess you will notice that you can stir up a dish with so much taste even if you have just thrown some edibles together without thought.So today we will begin with a two minute macaroni that is so simple to put together and so low in calories that it helps you with keeping a tab at your waistline.This is something that has helped me cook up a dish when I'm so hungry and have no time and energy to cook up anything and yet keep away from reaching for another calorie laden bag of chips or muffins.So here it goes...

1/2 a cup boiled macaroni (any one of them)with a little salt
3tbsp of tomato puree off the shelf or your own made from blanced and blended tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves of garlic slivers
a slice of low fat cheddar cheese grated
a dash of pepper and oregano and some basil.

First heat the oil in a pan add the garlic and basil and when it turns a little golden add the tomato puree, oregano and pepper and cook for a minute while stirring then add the macaroni and the cheese.Keep stirring till well coated turn off the flame and voila you have a meal ready.

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