Monday, February 16, 2009

Kaddu Ka Kheer(greengourd dessert)/Anapakaya Payasam

This is a dessert that is readily served in most homes and hotels in Hyderabad and here the humble lauki is known as Kaddu, whether you like it as a vegetable or not you are almost gonna like this kheer.The dish is also known as gul-e-firdaus.It is cooling for the body and my mom always made it during summer and almost on every festive occasion.

Ingredients:one medium lauki/anapakaya/green gourd
one cup sugar or more
1tbsp sago pearls/sabudana
three cups milk
powdered elaichi/cardamom
3 tbsp ghee/clarified butter

procedure: Grate the lauki after removing seeds and peeling skin.Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan and add the grated lauki and keep stirring till the lauki turns transparent and cooked add sugar and let it cook for some more time keep stirring or it will burn.Cool the lauki and meanwhile boil milk add the sago pearls after washing them.Boil till the sago pearls are cooked and let it cool.Mix the lauki in the cool milk and now return the pan to the stove again.Add the powdered elaichi and let it simmer for some time.This dessert is served cold hence keep it in refrigerator to cool.

Tindli Chutney ( Dondakai pachchadi)

  • 1/4kg tindli
  • 12 garlic cloves
  • a gooseberry size tamarind ball
  • 5 red chillies
  • salt to suit your taste
  • a pinch of cumin seeds and mustard seeds for tempering
  • 2 tbsp oil plus 1 tsp oil for tempering

Clean and cut the tindli into strips and fry in the oil along with the rest of the ingredients excluding the tempering ingredients.When cooled blend in a mixer without water or you may add a few spoons to soften it.Now heat a teaspoon of oil and add the mustard and cumin seeds till they splutter and release their aroma add it to the blended paste.Serves 3 and goes well with roti or steamed rice.

Note:Tindlis are widely available in India and often eaten as a curry fried or cooked in a gravy.This dish gives the common tindli a unique flavor.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guilt free Gajar ka halwa(Carrot Dessert)

10 medium sized carrots
3 cups low fat or skimmed milk
1 cup sugar/or low cal sugar subsitute as required
cardamom powder for flavoring
toasted cashews and some raisins for garnish
ghee 2 tbspns
Procedure:Grate washed and peeled carrots and fry them with the ghee or clarified butter till it turns a little glossy, add the milk and cook on
low flame till the milk is absorbed and carrots are
soft.Take care to keep stirring from time to time.
Now add the sugar or sugar substitute and cook
for a few min.Sprinkle cardamom powder and add
the toasted raisins and cashewnuts as a garnish.

Two Minute Macaroni

Cooking, like wine that tastes better as it matures ,and antiques that develop a patina of gloss as time pass by develops with passage of time and then my goddess you will notice that you can stir up a dish with so much taste even if you have just thrown some edibles together without thought.So today we will begin with a two minute macaroni that is so simple to put together and so low in calories that it helps you with keeping a tab at your waistline.This is something that has helped me cook up a dish when I'm so hungry and have no time and energy to cook up anything and yet keep away from reaching for another calorie laden bag of chips or muffins.So here it goes...

1/2 a cup boiled macaroni (any one of them)with a little salt
3tbsp of tomato puree off the shelf or your own made from blanced and blended tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves of garlic slivers
a slice of low fat cheddar cheese grated
a dash of pepper and oregano and some basil.

First heat the oil in a pan add the garlic and basil and when it turns a little golden add the tomato puree, oregano and pepper and cook for a minute while stirring then add the macaroni and the cheese.Keep stirring till well coated turn off the flame and voila you have a meal ready.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Food Goddess

There is a Food Goddess in everyone of you waiting to nurture the body,delight the senses,and pamper the soul.As mysterious as the many moods of a woman waiting to transform this energy into a new dish and spice up the life of everyone around you if you love cooking then this is the place to be.I will take you on a journey of good food, spiced with memories and stories behind them.Come join the fun everyday and let me know if you have truly begin nurturing the goddess in you.